Micah Kandros

Nashville-based award-winning designer/photographer Micah Kandros has been at it for over 15 years, working on everything from

- Designing Book covers for "New York Times" Bestselling Authors

- Branding start ups as well as rebranding existing companies 

- Photographing Celebrities and Country Music Stars

- Working on major print campaigns for Universities

With 7 years of experience as a designer/ art director for a major publisher before opening up Micah Kandros Design, he spent time art directing photo shoots, redesigning monthly and quarterly magazines, designing book covers, and branding new publishing ventures. 

"There's not a day that I don't get to the office super-excited to begin cranking, whether it's a major book title, a new company logo, a photo shoot, or an ad design. Helping people visually create their business dream never, never, never gets old."